Benefits of having an unlocked phone

Benefits of having an unlocked phone

The amount of mobile customization that we as end users find available to us through OS –such as Android — leaves us picking our carriers, MVNOs and, of course, the various offers they each bring to the table. The benefits of having an unlocked phone range to the end user that typical locked devices [bought from network providers] do not.

These locked mobile devices are different for a range of reasons. Today we will focus on why you should own an unlocked phone and, what benefits can you gain from owning one:

  1. Break free from a single network provider: When you purchase a locked phone from carrier A you are basically bound to their network and the subscription fees that come with the standard price tag of the device until the contract expires. With an unlocked phone, you have the option of switching without much problem. Now you can pick the path with the right plan to suit your needs!
  1. Complete coverage across the globe: Unlocked phones run on GSM networks — meaning users enjoy complete coverage anywhere in the world, at any time, just by purchasing a local SIM card. No need to worry about ending up outside your existing network carrier’s coverage zone – meaning less hassle and greater connectivity!
  1. Great savings in the long run!: When shelling out the money for an unlocked phone, the initial payment could be higher than picking the contract route, but unlocked phones actually help users save down the line! Users are no longer burdened by extra monthly expenses of paying subscription fees as well as having the choice of choosing a different network should they require changing their current plan.

Benefits of having an unlocked phone

  1. Customized to the nth degree!: A locked mobile device with software ties you down to their network and their pre-installed applications and settings. It’s not fun. Unlocked phones are a lot more fun as they give users the option of added customization options from the start. In addition to setting everything the way you like it; third party application will work much better on unlocked phones that otherwise limit those with a software lock.
  1. Travelers love unlocked phones!:  When travelling on business or pleasure, unlocked phones do away with expensive roaming charges–  as one is able to simply purchase local SIMs, insert them in their device and make local calls at local rates. Shock mobile bills at the end of the month are a thing of the past!

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